Meetings on Sunday mornings look a bit different at the moment…


Normally our Sunday morning service would involve the whole church coming together however this has been temporarily affected by the transition to a new building. Whilst we wait for our new venue to be ready Gateway is continuing to meet in small gatherings across Harlow during this time. Please contact us if you would like to find out more.

We also have an archive of previous Sunday messages online on our YouTube channel. View now >

A Usual Sunday…


We’d hate to think that any of our Sunday services are ‘usual’, but really we are talking about all of our Sundays.

We start at 10.30am and currently finish around 12.00pm. We aim in our worship to focus on God and to be responsive to whatever we sense the Holy Spirit is doing. There is a time for teaching and/or preaching, often after this there is room for some kind of response to the message.

Once the service is over, drinks and other refreshments are available, and it is a nice time to make new friends and catch up with old friends too.


Come Prepared

The Bible talks about, when we come together as a Church family, we should aim to have something to share – maybe just reading a verse from the Bible, or a prayer, or a testimony about what God is doing in our lives.

It’s not that everyone has to bring a particular contribution every time, but we do hope to be a group of people who are participators, and not just spectators. Although we aim for good quality music in our worship and good quality speaking in our messages about the Gospel, we do not want our meetings to be entertainment. We want to meet with God, and with each other, for real.



A key element each week that makes meeting together possible are the people who serve in setting up the church hall ready for the service to start. And then after the meeting has finished, they pack everything away again. For this we need willing volunteers to be a part of the behind the scenes team that's relied upon to get this vital job done well and efficiently.


Can you sing, and/or play an instrument? We are always looking out for new recruits of all ages who can join the team to help lead worship.

The level of your ability isn't the most important thing - if you are willing to learn more, love God and would enjoy being part of a team, please consider helping us to make a joyful noise!


It's great that drinks are available both if you turn up in good time for the start of the service, and also at the end of the service when there is time to mingle and chat. This can only happen with the help of people who are prepared to give some of their time and who can commit to being available on specific dates so that we know the necessary work will be done.


There is some technology that needs handling as part of a service running well. Part of this is the P.A. (public address) - the wires and control desk that control sound levels and so on. Another important part of this is our computer kit that deals with our projectors and recording messages for upload to this website.

We need as big a group as we can muster of technically confident people who are willing to turn up early and stay late so that our services run well for everyone else.


It's nice to receive a warm welcome, and for this we need lovely people who are willing to make sure they arrive at the venue early to make sure everything is ready before anyone else arrives, and who can then greet people and make sure that are made to feel welcomed.

At the end of the service, we need people who are able to stay a little longer, to make sure things are tidy, to do a little bit of hoovering and cleaning, and to make sure the place is locked and secured.