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Well Of Worship Evening – March 2024
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Prayer Series – Listening
Core Values #2 Readiness to Serve
Prayer Series – Unanswered Prayer

Speaker: Mauricio Colussi
June 28, 2023

Mauricio looks at another instalment of our Prayer Series. This time we will explore a somewhat difficult reality to handle when it comes to prayer. What do we do when God remains silent and our...

Well Of Worship Evening – June 2023
He Lives!

Speaker: Mauricio Colussi
April 09, 2023

On this Easter Sunday, Mauricio explores some of the things Jesus accomplished at His resurrection and what those things can mean for us today.

From the Cross to the Grave

Speaker: Mauricio Colussi
March 12, 2023

The cross is central to God’s redemptive work and what Jesus accomplished with His death has tremendous effect today.

Well Of Worship Evening – March 2023